More than 12 million kids get active with GoNoodle every month to become their strongest, smartest, bravest, bestest selves. GoNoodle turns movement into a game with hundreds of custom-created videos and interactive characters.


Featured by Apple — The GoNoodle app has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of kids

Customizable Avatars
Kids and parents alike can create lively Champs from a pool of colorful bodies, eyes, smiles, and hairdos. These Champs can be tailored to wear the coolest costumes from head to toe.

Video Streaming
With hundreds of videos to dance and sing to – video streaming is a key element of the GoNoodle iOS app. Children can watch videos to collect enegry for new Champ costumes.

Animated, Dynamic Graphics
Watch your custom Champs jump, dance, and hop! We implemented fully articulating models for the Champs that allow them to be dynamically animated.


Client Feedback

From day one, LunarLincoln understood how we work, made our goals their goals, and fit seamlessly and awesomely into our process to build an app we’re really proud to share with our users.

—Christy Frink, Product Owner, GoNoodle