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Poly Poly Poly


So, I have been seeing this style of design for awhile now and have really loved it. It was one of those things where I couldn’t find the right “google-magic” to really know what it was called. “Triangle+abstract+shattered+folded paper+art+design” was just not cutting it.

Luckily, one of my many random “sign up for this stupid newsletter to get this free download” e-blasts was actually useful this week. (And yes, I do read ALL of my e-mail, ALL of the time) It’s called….

LOW POLY. Now. What does low poly look like? Like these excellent examples:


It seems that the programs you use to create these beauties lies more in the realm of video editing. But with the help of this refreshingly, wonderful tutorial (it actually includes all steps, clear, quick commentary, and nice/realistic examples), I am going to make myself a ton of these awesome pointy and colorful things. New art to come!

“The better we get at getting better, the faster we will get better.” – Engelbert


Have you ever had the battery die in your optical, wireless mouse and not had replacement batteries. Try getting anything done on your computer without a mouse. Pretty impossible eh?

Doug Engelbart, the inventor of the mouse, creator of early GUI elements, pioneer of ARPANET,  and 1,000,000 other visionary, smart things you will never achieve died Tuesday.

He was even creating epic, future-predicting, keynote presentations, years before you were born. To steal from NPR, who said it best:

In a video from 1968, Engelbart demonstrated the capabilities of not only the mouse but also of the power of networked computing. Titled “A Research Center for Augmenting Human Intellect,” the presentation gained a more informal name over the years: “The Mother of All Demos

I can only hope that we have more brilliant, passionate people like this in the future of engineering.