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Ol’Honest Abe


More about the Lincoln half of LunarLincoln. Why Abe? Why not LunarTaft? Who has his own huuuuge rocket seat, for his impressively large posterior. Or LunarHarrison, who only get’s to be king of the moon for 32 days because he refused to wear a full spacesuit in order to “look cool” and catches a space-cold. Or LunarJackson, who takes 100,000 lunar aborigines on a death march. That guy, why the hell is he on our money, what a douche.

Aside from my general disdain for Andrew Jackson (Louisiana Purchase excepted), Abraham Lincoln was selected not only for his wonderfully alliterative name, and the fact that he has a bad ass line of cars named after him, but because he was such a complex and impressive president. Not as likeable back then, as he is today, Lincoln faced daunting challenges and rose to the occasion on many fronts.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 12.15.46 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-05 at 12.32.05 PMHere at LunarLincoln, we only hope to be as progressive, inspiring and helpful to our fellow people as the 16th president was.

On a lighter note, when putting together the graphics for our website, we discovered older Lincoln is not suited to the space-look. A bit too grizzled once placed in a helmet, younger Lincoln made a much better/friendlier representative for our company. For your enjoyment, some initial versions can be found to the left.

Color Palettes


So, as you may have seen on the twitter, I am not a fan of the color palette’s used in the new iOS redesign. I get where they are going with the flatt-er UI and the simplification – that is all well and good (though they put out what seems to be rough, first drafts). But I cannot get the Lisa Frank color gradients. I loved Lisa Frank – it was the only coloring book that I colored EVERY SINGLE PAGE of in elementary school, but that’s just it love”ED”. The neon gradients need to stay in the 90′s along with stirrup pants and windsuits.

Why so annoyed? Color is important, color can be the critical point between meh and yeh. With the Lunchtimer app, we spent a lot of time looking at color palettes – and a lot of time lining up screen shots of combos next to each other until my desktop looked like the paint-chip counter at Home Depot. I actually like to look at home decorating sites to get ideas – the colors are broader and more varied there than the tiny little squares most palette sites give you. I think we finally settled on something really nice and fresh but not too trendy. Sneak peek to the left here.

Anyways, aside from designing and selecting color palettes, below are some links to some interesting things I’ve been enjoying lately (and are thematically related)

DesignSponge – History of Colors Series
RadioLab Colors Podcast – Which I reference at least once a month
HowAboutOrange – a design blog I love, that happens to feature A LOT of orange.

Introducing LunarLincoln


LunarLincoln is live! Wiley was ready to lay down some endless rocket metaphors for you, but I stopped him. You can thank me later.

So why LunarLincoln? Other than being a wonderful alliterative combo, and very SEO friendly (ew SEO), it combines a love from each of us. The Wiley-Lunar side – an obsession with all things space (I have seriously listened to When We Left Earth THREE times while working in our office, thanks to him) and the Lincoln-Jennifer side which combines a long-standing love of history, and a particularly favorite halloween costume. Together this combo will send us TOOO THE MOOOOOOON. (Dammit, I already used that line in the footer of the website)

But really, our knowledge, skills, drive, and determination have no end in this venture. We are excited to begin, excited to help others, and excited bring new, fun ideas to app stores across the interwebs.

Commence mission launch in three, two one…