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Jonathan Wiley

Jonathan Wiley

CoFounder & Lead Developer

Jonathan Wiley has always been a builder. What started as an obsession with Lego and Gameboys morphed into a knack for building PCs and programming calculators. Studying Computer Engineering and Mathematics at Vanderbilt University was a natural fit, and after earning his degree he set off to apply his skills to the emerging smartphone market. Over the past 7 years Jonathan has worked with over 40 clients to ship first-class applications for iOS, Android, and Mac. He’s built everything from award-winning consumer apps (Internet radio, photo sharing, remote-controlled cars) to critical enterprise software (teleconferencing, issue tracking, email processing).



Jennifer Bennett

Jennifer Bennett

CoFounder & Lead Designer

Jennifer Bennett has been creating and designing for over a decade. She has worked for agencies and nonprofits where she designed, produced and managed projects, including magazines, brochures, marketing campaigns, mobile apps, and websites. Currently she is exploring and honing her mobile design skills by crafting innovative data visualizations and building elegant interfaces that fully immerse and engage users. Her creativity is fueled by an addiction to podcasts, refinishing vintage furniture, devouring books, and printmaking.




Plus imagining alternate histories where Lincoln escaped to the moon to set up his idealistic space-commune is also pretty fun. Sitting there in his mooncabin, looking down on us…


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