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How to get started as a Mobile App Developer

  • Github – Store your code, star and access open-source code from others, and share your projects with the public.
  • Atom – Text editor for writing code
  • Sublime Text – Another text editor for writing code
  • Filezilla – FTP client that helps you put your code onto the internet
Tutorials & Small Games
Hardware + Software
Developer Portals
Getting Stuck

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UI Resources

Here are some basic tutorials/resources for UI design

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Branding Rules

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Relevant Bloggage About Building An App

The. End.

You’ve had the idea. You’ve built the app. You’ve marketed the hell out of it. You’ve seen results. You’ve made updates and improvements. But now what? Are you done? Close…

A+ Work: Analytics and Ad Tracking

The app is up, the youtube video has 100k views, your favorite tech websites are singing your praises (sort of). But. Is the app actually being downloaded and used? To…

Squashing the Bugs and App Maintenance

No matter how much you test an app prior to launching it, IT WILL HAVE BUGS. Sneaky, weird, strange things that only appear once thousands of eyes and fingers start…

Becoming “Internet-Famous”

How to become internet-famous…or really how to have people talk about you, on the internet, IF you aren’t Miley Cyrus. As you may already know, we built an app and…

Roller Coaster App Store Review

In my last post I covered how CaseCollage evolved from an idea to a shipped app in just 2 weeks. It took everything we had and a little more (thanks…

Building an App in 2 Weeks

Me: So you have an app idea you need built? Excellent. What’s your timeline? Client: ASAP. 1 week if you can, 2 weeks max. Me: Okay, that’s a tight deadline.…