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LunarLincoln is a mobile app development shop
dedicated to pushing the frontier of user experience
to the moooooooon

But really. We make great apps that are beautiful and easy to use.

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Working to Live not Living to Work

“Startup Life” – everyone knows this means long hours and intense work schedules right? It’s all about doing more with less, and if you’re not putting in more time than…

Native vs Web Apps

When building a software product for mobile, there comes a time early on when you must decide between building a native application or a responsive web app. When making such…

Mobile Madness – The Championship

This is it, you guys. THE CHAMPIONSHIP. Who will be the ultimate winner of Mobile Madness 2016?!? Swift vs Jake Wharton Who will be the winner?!? In a lot of ways, this…

Mobile Madness – Final Four

The results are in and the winners from yesterday are: Swift, AWS, Jake Wharton, and Steve Ballmer. Here is your updated Bracket. I can’t believe we’re already at the final four.…

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