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LunarLincoln is a mobile app development shop
dedicated to pushing the frontier of user experience
to the moooooooon

But really. We make great apps that are beautiful and easy to use.

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Jonathan Wiley

Lead Developer


Jonathan Wiley has always been a builder. What started as an obsession with Lego and Gameboys morphed into a knack for building PCs and programming calculators. Studying computer engineering and mathematics at Vanderbilt University was a natural fit, and after earning his degree he set off to apply his skills to the emerging smartphone market.

Over the past 5 years Jonathan has worked with over 25 clients to ship first-class applications for iOS, Android, and Mac. He’s built everything from award-winning consumer apps (Internet radio, photo sharing, remote-controlled cars) to critical enterprise software (teleconferencing, issue tracking, email processing). And he’s always on the lookout for the next project. How can he help you with your development needs?

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Jennifer Bennett

Lead Designer


Jennifer Bennett has been creating and designing for a little less than a decade. With agency, corporate, and freelance experience, she is able to take a broader approach to any design project, assessing not only artistic and visual success, but also marketing, branding, and social components.

Jennifer’s design philosophy puts users first, custom tailoring intuitive and beautiful interfaces that fully immerse and engage your audience.

Outside of design, she enjoys spending time with her two cats, David Bowie & June Carter Cash, refinishing Craigslist furniture-treasures, devouring books, and printmaking. If you’re interested in design projects outside the realm of 1’s and 0’s visit her here.

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Jobs. Steve Jobs

Job Title: iOS Developer LunarLincoln is a mobile app development shop located in the heart of Nashville. We spend most of our time developing beautifully designed apps for iOS, Android, and Mac and are always looking for new challenges. As a small company, with big-name clients, we’ve built a great reputation for delivering quality work in a timely manner. Business is booming and we are looking to add a motivated developer to our team. This entry-level position provides a great…

A Fever of Painting

You may have noticed a few sliiiight changes around here. Like a totally new website, an intern, some new business cards, and….drumroll please, we’re moving beyond the home office to a legit office (that may actually be smaller than our home one, but at least it’s not 5 feet from the rest of the living quarters). LunarLincoln 2.0 peoples. The past few months have been absolutely breakneck. When people speak of famine or feast in small businesses, it’s been all…

Let’s Just Make The Intern Do This

LunarLincoln has added a mini-minion. A helper, a student, an aspiring developer. Intern Logan. Here are some questions to help you better get to know the man behind the current tweaks to Q1: What made you initially interested in coding? The first thing that got me interested in coding was probably engineering my tenth grade year. Principals of Engineering. It was an dreadful class that I despised because it dealt a little with every branch of engineering, which meant lots…

The. End.

You’ve had the idea. You’ve built the app. You’ve marketed the hell out of it. You’ve seen results. You’ve made updates and improvements. But now what? Are you done? Close the lid, package it up, never look at it again? You could. For CaseCollage, this app did achieve what we set out to do. We got widespread exposure. We got to practice the whole app launch process from start to finish on an app that wasn’t really “our baby”. We…


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